Who We Are

Who We Are


RHJ Accountants - a Firm with Purpose.

At RHJ Accountants we provide accountancy services that are tailored to suit your own individual needs. We have various clients across a wide range of business sectors including IT contractors, freelancers and small business owners in the UK and overseas.

To help our clients focus on their business and have more free time to spend with family or loved ones we offer Gold, Silver & Bronze Accountancy Packages. Our specialist service will help our clients elevate all bookkeeping, accountancy, taxation and compliance duties.

We have gained many year’s experiences in helping reduce our client's tax liability and maximizing their net take home pay.

So if tax and numbers get in the way, please call RHJ.

Our business is people focused. We believe our approach to clients’ accounting needs should be as unique as they are. Personal relationship building based upon clear communication and understanding is, therefore, our top priority. Through understanding, how our clients conduct their business Outrun can offer straightforward advice and guidance with complementary work patterns.

RHJ Accountant provides the complete accounting service. Our team’s expertise and experience are vast and all-encompassing. We have the capability to offer the services our clients require at every stage of their business’ development.   We pride ourselves on being down-to-earth and easy to talk to.  The kind of people and businesses we are constantly helping are:

Small businesses through to medium-sized companies

Independent IT contractors and consultants

Tradesmen and builders

Taxi drivers and companies

Medical practices, dental practices, and professionals

Property investors


We are pretty sure we can help you with your business growth and development, so why not contact us now for a FREE initial consultation.

Tax Advisors

Here at RHJ Accountants we are the taxation experts and will be able to advise you on a host of tax matters such as:

Personal tax and tax returns


Limited Companies

Corporation Tax


International Taxation

As your business continues to grow and you look to compete in the pan European and global marketplace, your need to address internationally effective tax structures will quickly become a challenging task. You will need to begin to think about things such as:

whether, and how, to streamline your operations?

whether your company has the right international corporate structure?

how best to invest in a new country of operation?

how an overseas parent should invest in your business?

how to repatriate monies offshore in the most effective way?

RHJ Accountants will proactively work with you to find the answers.

The kind of things we can assist you with are:

your international tax strategies

reorganising your corporate structure, particularly on acquisition and disposal

debt and equity restructuring (cross-border)

interpreting applicable double tax treaties

repatriating funds off-shore

managing any cross-border tax risks.

Our team is constantly restructuring groups of companies and funding to maximise tax and commercial benefits and is committed to ensuring its advice is timely, practical and cost effective.

For further information on our taxation services and professional advice, please contact us.

Business Consultants

Our business consultancy associates can help with the following:

How to finance growth through private placement
Mergers and acquisitions - buying or selling a business
When the bank says "No", we can assist with business financing
Business Valuation, what's it really worth. Our associates can help to value your business.

Contact us now should you wish to talk to one of our experienced business consultants.

Wealth Planners

We offer a holistic wealth planning service to deal with life's transitions.

IT Consultants

At RHJ Accountants we use our extensive pool of IT professionals to provide a leading independent IT consultancy service. We deliver software development, consulting and training services. Our consultants typically have 15-20 years experience in the business where they have used fresh and "out of the box" thinking to solve our clients' tough business problems.

We are passionate about our clients' problems and we bring a fierce focus to get the job done right every time. By sharing our knowledge and understanding our clients' businesses, we deliver the right results for them.

Whatever your IT requirement - be that big or small we are able to help you get it right.

So now you know a little bit about us. How about you? We’d love to find out more about you and how we can help you to accelerate your business and address your IT challenges.

Data Scientists

Do you have large and disparate data sets? Do you need to get more out of your data? But don't quite know how to tackle this?  Our Data Scientist associates can help you.