Services for US Expats

English Speaking Tax Accountants in Portugal

If you are an American citizen you may enjoy significant tax advantages by relocating to Portugal. Tax in Portugal is extremely complex, and you should have your affairs in order before you move to the Iberian Peninsula to avoid crushing tax and penalties.

Don’t put your wealth and lifestyle at risk by working with Portuguese accounting firms in Lisbon or Porto who don’t fully understand the tax efficient NHR program, Golden Visa or the US/Portugal double tax treaty.

Available Services for US Expats

  • File your US & Portuguese tax returns
  • Claim your Portugal income tax against your US tax liability
  • Personal tax planning and preparation of services
  • Apply for the Golden Visa Program
  • Word class tax consultation
  • Investor package
  • Basic expat wage earner package
  • Freelance package

Living in Portugal, but still filing taxes in the US?

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