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Portugal is often viewed as an amazing holiday destination, thanks to its glorious sites, attractions, food and people. It should come as no surprise then that more and more freelancers are looking into the possibility of moving there.

The country has become more popular with expats over the years, which has led to an increase in the number of freelance jobs available in Portugal, especially for English speakers.

This article looks at some of the top reasons why you should move to Portugal as a freelancer, with tips on how to make your move successful!


Becoming a Successful Freelancer in Portugal

RHJ Group – the parent company to RHJ Accountants – is running a webinar on Becoming a Successful Freelancer in Portugal, on Tuesday 6 September at 6:30PM.

What can you expect?

  • What is a freelancer?
  • How do you register?
  • Benefits to becoming a freelancer
  • Tax obligations in Portugal
  • High Value Activity under the NHR scheme
  • Hear from our previous clients on their success at becoming a freelancer in Portugal

Speakers from RHJ Group will present the above agenda, so you can begin making your new life in Portugal as a small business owner and freelancer a possibility. If you want to watch the recorded content, please contact us!


Cost of Living

The cost of living in Portugal is very affordable, especially when compared to other Western European countries. You can easily find an apartment or house to rent for a reasonable price, and utilities are also relatively inexpensive.

Eating out is affordable as well, with many restaurants offering good quality food at reasonable prices. As well as this, transportation costs are also relatively low, whether you’re taking public transportation or driving yourself. Prices for groceries and other day-to-day items are also quite reasonable.

In addition the cost of living in Portugal is quite low, which can be a big advantage for freelancers who are trying to save money or stretch their budget further.


Longer Summer Days

Thanks to its location on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal enjoys longer summer days than most of Europe. This makes it an ideal destination for freelancers who want to enjoy some extra time in the sun. In addition, the country’s temperate climate means that you can comfortably work outdoors all year round. Although Portugal is becoming increasingly popular with tourists; it remains relatively affordable compared to other Western European countries.


Language Learning

The Portuguese language is not as difficult as you might think. With a little effort, you can be conversational in no time. On top of this, Portuguese is a European language, so if you know any Spanish, French or Italian, you’ll have a head start.

Portugal is a great place to learn Portuguese because the locals are very patient and willing to help foreigners practice their language skills. In addition, Portuguese is becoming increasingly important on the global stage, so learning it can open up new career opportunities.

Knowing Portuguese will allow you to enjoy the country’s rich culture and literature to the fullest.


Employment Opportunities

Portugal offers a number of opportunities for freelancers, thanks to its booming economy.

Portugal is home to a number of world-renowned companies, which provides freelancers with ample opportunities to find work. The Portuguese government is supportive of freelancers and offers a number of incentives for those looking to start their own business; such as the NHR and D7 or D2 Visa.

Portugal is an incredibly beautiful country with a rich culture and history, making it an ideal place to live and work.


Sense of Community

One of the best things about Portugal is the sense of community that exists among its residents. People are friendly and welcoming, and there is a strong sense of pride in the country. This makes it an ideal place to freelancers, who often work remotely and can feel isolated. Additionally, the tight-knit community can provide support and networking opportunities. So why wouldn’t you move to Portugal?


How RHJ Accountants Can Help

We recognise more than ever that individuals and businesses from the UK and other countries may be globally mobile. We aim to make you aware of the tax-efficient opportunities, available tax relief and structure finances for life at home and abroad.

Our international team of specialists operate from offices in the UK and Portugal. We work together synergistically to provide tax efficient solutions to our clients to help them grow their business whilst keeping tax liabilities to a minimum.

Get in touch with us today to find out more, or to make use of our services.

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