Trading in Portugal

Do you want to begin trading in Portugal? RHJ Accountants provide secure and easy services for forming your company, launching and scaling your business further.

Setting up a business

There are two  main business structures in Portugal; do you know if you’re registering your business as an LDA or an SA? 

An LDA – Limitada (or, Limited Liability Company) – is the equivalent of a Limited company in the UK. If you’re a current business owner, or a startup with high capital, you can create an SA – Sociedade Anónima. 

Setting up a business and trading in Portugal, you can take advantage of the 5% corporate tax rate; and the Non-Habitual Residency, which offers a flat tax rate of 20% on certain types of earnings applied. 

When setting up a business in Portugal, you must have an appointed accountant prior to incorporation. Not only do they take the stress away, they will create a business bank account, arrange your VAT registration, and keep your bookkeeping records in check. 

The expert team at RHJ Accountants are also able to provide full marketing services via our trusted partner, to launch and grow your business throughout Portugal. 

Becoming a freelancer or sole trader

If you have a small business, are a digital nomad or simply are just starting out but aren’t ready to incorporate your business; you may want to set up in Portugal as a sole trader (or freelancer). 

You must first be able to verify and reserve your business name before preparing any company documents. Working with a certified accountant, you can register your name, ensure you have the correct bank account, understand how to keep track of your books and register the relevant information. 

Businesses with an annual turnover of more than €200,000 must file their annual accounts using a certified accountant. The list below is what you require in Portugal to be a sole trader:

  • Register with the Portal das Finanças
  • Sort out a Número de Identificação de Segurança Social (Social Security Number)
  • Formally invoice clients and declare your income for tax and social security purposes.
  • Register for VAT

A sole proprietorship is the ideal choice for the type of entrepreneurs wanting to start a business with a fixed budget. This means that they can easily develop without having to pay attention to taxes to pay if the annual turnover is not exceeded.

How can RHJ help my business in Portugal?

Contact RHJ Accountants to set up your business in Portugal. Our expert team of accountants can help you:

  • Register and set up your business in Portugal for success
  • Manage your accounts & invoicing through the year
  • Submit your personal and corporate tax declarations
  • Accompany you in the event of a tax audit
  • Assist with financial planning & tax efficient growth strategies
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