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Gain peace of mind with RHJ’s UK and Expat tax accountant services.

Accountant Services - what does this mean?

Most people first think about hiring an accountant when tax returns are due. However, to maximize tax savings, strategic planning is key.

Accurate and timely tax preparation and planning are a key service area for RHJ’s UK and international clients.

If you’re hoping to make tax savings, but don’t have the full understanding or time to do so; we recommend our services. With a team of qualified professionals, we provide reviews, planning, savings and advice on how to make sure your money works best for you. 

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been operating for a number of years, RHJ Accountants can support you with Tax Accountant Services. 

How can you benefit?

With a team of experts across the UK and Portugal, we can offer a comprehensive list of solutions and services to accommodate your financial needs. We take the stress, confusion and time away from your tax and accountancy responsibilities.

Exactly how can we help you? Here are just a few areas: 

Tax planning and preparation

RHJ tax planning service analyses the financial situation of your business on your behalf to ensure that all elements are working together. This means that you pay less in taxes and your business becomes more tax efficient.

Corporation tax services

RHJ corporation tax services assist the client in calculating and planning the corporation tax paid on annual profits.

A number of expenses can be claimed to reduce the corporation tax bill. RHJ can navigate these on your behalf.

International tax planning

RHJ can assist with all aspects of tax planning and filings for businesses located and/or owned outside the UK. This includes cross-border transactions analysis, reporting and risk management.

Personal tax planning and preparation

With such a wealth of experience and knowledge, the risk of misinformation or incorrect records is significantly reduced. RHJ Accountants can assist in all aspects of tax planning, including:

  • Personal income tax advice, completion and submission of tax returns
  • National insurance contributions
  • Inheritance tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Property tax
  • Capital gains and wealth tax
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What are they saying?

RHJ accountants are an absolute godsend. I spent weeks searching for an accountant who properly understood both UK and Portuguese tax systems, and was sorely disappointed by everyone I spoke to - until I spoke to Jeremiah at RHJ. His knowledge is exceptional, and he answers all of my (rather complicated!) queries quickly and clearly. His suggestions for how to organise my finances have saved me thousands of pounds. Having been given inaccurate or misleading information by several other accountancies and Umbrellas, he's the only person I'd trust to advise me. I realise this review sounds a bit hyperbolic, so I'm trying to find any downsides to balance things out - but honestly, there aren't any! Thanks, Jeremiah and team for your brilliant service.

Lucie Pitcher

When choosing an accountant the most important thing for me was to find someone I could completely trust. RHJ Accountants are a warm, trustworthy and genuine team of people. Their demeanour, knowledge and passion for this profession puts you instantly at ease. I would recommend RHJ Accountants over all others.

JohnnyKeynote speaker - social media management

How else can RHJ Accountants help you?

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  • UK & International Consulting
  • Trading in Portugal
  • Opening a Portuguese bank account
  • Marketing
  • Wealth Management
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