Assurance Services

Know you’re compliant with RHJ’s UK and international assurance services.

What are Assurance Services?

Assurance Services are an independent professional service which provide a review of any financial documents or transactions. They ensure the documents under review are correct and accurate, improving quality and validity.

All businesses must comply with government business regulations such as filing financial statements, filing tax returns, maintaining business registrations or submitting industry-specific filings. These filings can be quite burdensome to sole traders and small limited companies. The stakes are even higher for larger and international firms.

Why are Assurance Services necessary?

Key financial documents are used by decision makers and investors to make important business decisions. By ensuring these documents are reviewed for accuracy, the business reduces risk and improves transparency and relevance.

The value of your records can be largely improved through employing assurance services from a professional body. This can be used to assist in sustainability and growth strategies.

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Why employ RHJ to complete your Assurance Services?

RHJ Accountants specialise in complex and international sources of income and cross border business transactions.

RHJ’s clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that we handle one-time and recurring regulatory compliance filings accurately and in a timely manner, so you can focus on your core business tasks. RHJ’s assurance services include, but are not limited to:


RHJ Accountants can maintain regulatory required documents, within the UK and internationally. Documents are regularly reviewed for compliance with regulations and obligations imposed on the business.


Bookkeeping is the preparing and maintenance of documents that record financial transactions. We ensure that your bookkeeping processes and documents are quick and easy to maintain.

VAT Returns

RHJ clients can rest easy knowing that this complicated and laborious task is taken care of. RHJ can prepare VAT returns from the records kept using our bookkeeping service or from your company’s existing records.

With such a wealth of experience and knowledge, the risk of misinformation or incorrect records is significantly reduced. RHJ Accountants can assist in all aspects of assurance services, including:

  • Quality assurance services
  • Audits
  • Individual and corporate tax returns
  • Company House filings
  • IFRS compliance
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What are they saying?

As a busy interior designer, I needed a responsive Accountant who could understand and respond to the needs of my companies requirements. I have been impressed by Jeremiah & his teams availability, their quick response time on any of my queries. I would highly recommend him & his team for Businesses that are short of time and need responsive accountants. They are an accounting company who care about you and your business.

MaryDirector - Chameleon Decor Ltd

When choosing an accountant the most important thing for me was to find someone I could completely trust. RHJ Accountants are a warm, trustworthy and genuine team of people. Their demeanour, knowledge and passion for this profession puts you instantly at ease. I would recommend RHJ Accountants over all others.

JohnnyKeynote speaker - social media management

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