Company account filings

Ensure all your fiscal obligations are being met

Why file company accounts?

All companies are required to file annual accounts wherever their business is registered because the relevant Tax Authority needs to verify that all fiscal obligations have been fulfilled. The idea is that each company must produce a self-assessment tax return and submit it for verification.

How can RHJ Accountants help?

We provide company account filing services for the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Malta and Portugal. Keep reading this page to find out what requirements are needed for each country, and how we can assist you.

Company account filings for the UK

How do RHJ Accountants help?

  • As accountants, we will submit a formatted statement on your behalf. We will request all the required documentation from your company, to ensure that Companies House are being provided with the appropriate information. Having all the information regarding your company’s activity, we can proceed with the accountancy services.

What are the deadlines?

  • After no later than 9-months of the end of a fiscal year, all private companies should submit their annual accounting reports to Companies House.

Where/how do I submit the information?

  • In the UK, company account filings can be submitted via a verified accountancy software or directly to Companies House online. 

Submit company account filings for the UK

Company account filings for the UAE

How do RHJ Accountants help?

  • For company account filings in the UAE, our team of accountants will ensure that the company’s books and records are up-to-date and accurate. Secondly, they will prepare the annual financial statements and make a review, and if required get these statements audited. Finally, acting on your behalf to submit the financial statements, in the correct form, to the relevant authority within the required time frame.

What are the deadlines?

  • In the UAE, deadlines for company account filings vary from Freezone to Freezone. Normally, company account filings are submitted within three to six months after the close of the financial year. Following a consultation with our team, they will be able to inform you when the specified deadline is for your Freezone.

Where/how do I submit the information?

  • The majority of UAE Freezones provide access to online portals, where company account filings can be submitted. Our expert accountants are very familiar with working on these systems. Each company is provided with personal login details to access the portal; which of course needs sharing with your dedicated accountant.

Submit company account filings for the UAE

Company account filings for Malta

How do RHJ Accountants help?

  • Our expert team are licensed company secretaries in Malta, so we have the ability to submit annual returns and accounts for our clients. Also, our clients have access to online tools, making it easier to submit required documents and information through an online portal.

What are the deadlines?

  • The obligation to file company account filings in Malta is once a year. These should be submitted within 10 months and 42 days; from the end of the financial year. Being a client of RHJ Accountants, you will never have to remember a due date because we will always remind you; and request documents in preparation for company account filings.

Where/how do I submit the information?

  • As your accountant, we will have access to online portals. Where company account filings can be submitted; and our accountants are used to working on these systems.

Submit company account filings for Malta

Company account filings for Portugal

How do RHJ Accountants help?

  • As accountants, we need to understand what type of business your company runs, so we can request and provide all the required documentation for that type of business; ensuring you’re compliant with Portuguese Legislation. For that, we ensure our expert team are consistently up-to-date with the fiscal regulations, and best accountancy practices. Having all the information regarding your company’s activity, we can proceed with the accountancy by registering every transaction in the books. This way we can create reports of its financial position and performance, and calculate the taxable income/loss for the fiscal year.

What are the deadlines?

  • Generally, the annual filing of company account filings is the 31st May. However if your company requires a Simplified Corporation Report, the last day for submission is 15th July. Your dedicated accountant will be able to confirm when the deadline is. However it’s our responsibility, as your accountants to submit the documentation on your behalf. During the Covid-19 pandemic the Tax Authority allowed for late submissions, and of course if anything similar was to happen in the future dates may change.

Where/how do I submit the information?

  • In Portugal, any company must have a certified accountant so you are not allowed to submit company account filings yourself. Your dedicated accountant will submit all information electronically, directly to the Portuguese Tax Authority.

Submit company account filings for Portugal


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