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Some EU countries request expats of non-EU status to nominate a fiscal representative, who can provide support and understanding on tax compliance within local Government and legal deadlines. Your fiscal representative will receive correspondence on your behalf, and notify you of tax obligations as they become apparent. This is a service we can provide for you in Portugal.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Who acts as a fiscal representative?

Certified accountants in Portugal – like ourselves at RHJ Accountants – can act on your behalf as a fiscal representative, to assist you with tax obligations in Portugal.

Need a fiscal representative? Contact us or arrange a free consultation to understand how we can help you.

Why do I need a fiscal representative?

You may need a fiscal representative for various reasons. For example, if you would like to apply for a visa or submit a personal tax return. However, if you’re an EU citizen looking to move to Portugal, having a fiscal representative isn’t mandatory.

It is only a requirement for non-EU citizens, prior to them becoming a resident of Portugal. If you think you might need fiscal representation, or would like confirmation on how to act, then contact our experts to understand more. 

How long am I represented for?

You can purchase our fiscal representation package as a rolling monthly contract, or on an annual basis. You’ll be represented, until you request us to stop.

If you need fiscal representation, you can purchase our monthly package now! Or, if you want to confirm some minor details, arrange a consultation with our experts.

Whilst I apply for a visa, do I need fiscal representation?

We always recommend that our clients have a fiscal representative throughout their visa application process, as it provides you with added protection; plus you have on-hand support in case you need to ask any questions or require support surrounding some personal tax situations.

Send a message to our team today, and we can clarify what kind of protection you receive during any visa application process. 

How can I change my fiscal representative?

If you would like to change your fiscal representative, and use RHJ Accountants services instead, you just have to inform your current fiscal representative of the change, and we will begin acting on your behalf from the word go!

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