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If you're an expat who wants to experience life in the Mediterranean or United Arab Emirates whilst being able to: open a business or continue working as a highly skilled worker - all without any time constraints - our sister company RHJ Law are on hand to help you move abroad.

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Our legal experts and administrative staff will work together for you to apply for the appropriate visa so you can experience your new home without limits!

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So that you can learn more about the different visa options available to you, visit our RHJ Law website so you can contact our team today!

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Portugal provides many visa types, hover over the displays below to learn more about what you could apply for.

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To keep it simple, we have two options that you can choose from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who needs a visa for living in Portugal?

Like many other EU countries, rules depend on whether you are an EU or Non-EU citizen. Let’s break it down for you –

  • EU nationals: Visa-free entry is granted to all EU citizens; as well as certain family members and relatives even if they are not from the EU themselves (this is known as the D6 visa). While you will have the right to freely move to Portugal, as an EU citizen, you must request a registration certificate if you wish to stay longer than three months. Speak to our legal team over at RHJ Law; they can help you understand how to permanently live in Portugal as an EU national.
  • Non-EU nationals: If you wish to stay in Portugal for less than three months, you will need a short-term visa unless your country has an agreement with Portugal (e.g. United Kingdom, United States, Japan etc). If you want to determine if your country has an agreement with Portugal send us a quick message to find out! Non-EU nationals who want to stay longer than three months in Portugal will need to apply for a visa. Our recommendation is to apply for the visa before visiting Portugal, to ensure you have the right to remain for longer than three months. Want to view our Portuguese visas? Take a look here.

Who needs a visa for living in Malta?

Just like Portugal, Malta is an EU country. So when relocating to Malta, the rules are different depending on whether you are an EU or Non-EU citizen. Let’s explain in more detail:

  • EU nationals: As a citizen of an EU Member State, you have the right to reside, work and live in any other EU state. However, you must still complete an application explaining how long you would like to stay in Malta and why. Again, very similar to Portuguese visas. Speak to our legal team over at RHJ Law, they can help you understand how to live in Malta permanently or for a fixed-term. 
  • Non-EU nationals: Relocating to Malta you would require a permit or visa to be granted, before you can live or work in the country. If you’re an expat wishing to work abroad, then the Maltese work permit would be right for you. Or if your family wishes to live in a new, warmer climate, then the Maltese residency permit would be the option for you. Want to read an overview of our Maltese visas? Read all about them here.

Who needs a visa for living in the United Arab Emirates?

Anyone who would like to live or work in the UAE must apply for the appropriate visa. There are many different visas available, dependent on what you require, including: 

  1. Work visa
  2. Student visa
  3. Family visa
  4. Investment visa
  5. Retirement visa

If you would like to review the visa options we can provide for relocating to the UAE, check out our sister group, RHJ Law.  

What countries do you help relocate to?

Our sister group, RHJ Law, can help you relocate to the following countries – 

If you would like to look at all the visas in more detail, then click here

How long does it take to obtain a visa?

Malta – There is no definitive timeline as to how long it will take your Maltese visa application to finalise, as it all depends on your residency status at the time of applying. However, we would aim to help you complete your application within 2 to 3-months of applying. So, if you’re an EU resident the process might be quicker than if you’re a non-EU resident.

Portugal – Similarly to the Maltese visas, there is no definitive timeline as to when your Portuguese visa will get accepted – we just aim to have your application completed within 2 to 3-months. For example the family reunification (D6) visa is a lot quicker than other visas. because you have proof of being related to an individual already living with Portuguese residency. However the Golden Visa process can take a while longer as there are far more steps taken to reach the final point of collecting your residency visa, due to investing your money into Portugal.

United Arab Emirates – Visas for the United Arab Emirates are a lot easier to determine, however this ruling is still only an estimation. No matter which visa you apply for, the process will take around 10-days, and if you request an urgent application then it can take 4 to 5 days for the process to finalise. Again, our sister site RHJ Law would aim to have your application completed within a couple of months, so you can await the approval!

When will I meet the legal team to help with my application?

Generally when you request a meeting to discuss visas for any of the countries we help with, you will meet the legal team straight away. All meetings are done virtually, unless you would like to visit the legal team in-person; in which case you would be required to cover any travel costs to meet them. 

Want to request a virtual consultation with the legal team? Arrange one today by visiting RHJ Law.

When will you request payment for the visa?

To begin any visa application process we will request 50% payment upfront, before beginning any processes. Just before the visa is finalised we will then request the remainder of the costs. 

  • Please note that any additional costs, which are separate to the visa application itself, will be requested before the service is provided.
  • All payment requests will be detailed within your proposal, which is received following a consultation with our legal team.

Can you help me find a suitable property?

Yes we can, and are happy to do so! We will be able to find you a suitable property in Portugal, Malta and the UAE. So whilst you come to us for the visa application, you can also use our support in renting or buying a property for your new country. 

Want to discuss potential property ideas? Submit a form request today, and we will endeavour to respond to your request. 

Can I apply for the visa using an online application service?

Yes, you can apply online. However, it’s not an option we like to recommend as sometimes completing a virtual application can be complicated, as you don’t have any 1-2-1 support. 

We have had a few instances when clients want to apply for visa renewal but the authorities reject their application, as they didn’t outline their true intentions for a visa to begin with.

If you are wanting to apply for a visa in Portugal, Malta or the UAE, we do recommend using RHJ Law. The Business Support team will be on hand to support you throughout the whole process, from start to finish. 

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