Consulting Services

Project & Change Management

Project management is all about getting things done...

At RHJ Accountants and associates we assist our clients with all of their IT challenges. Improving people, processes, data and technology is our responsibility. We help you to implement and complete your project. We are dedicated to helping you achieve results and realize your potential.

At RHJ, we believe project management is about perfect execution, planning, and strategy.

Contact us to discuss your next project, we can help you reach any goal.

Software Implementation

Does the thought of implementing a new software solution in your business scare you?

We understand and we can help. Even though you know that such an implementation will provide significant benefits, the process of initiating change can overshadow the rewards. We are here to help make the process easy. We support you every step of the way. In the end, you will wonder why you ever worried. 

Let RHJ be your guide. Do not fear the word 'software implementation'. 

We can help by coming onboard. We will define some up-front principles and set standards that will guide you through to successfully implementing the best software solution. 

Data Migration Consulting

Is your business considering a future data migration project and looking for advice on how best to begin this exciting new step. Or have you already embarked on the next step and finding the project slipping endlessly? Do not worry, you will find all the expertise and the tool sets at RHJ that will help you. We are dedicated to ensuring the best service for our clients. 

Our knowledgeable and experienced team can provide associates at short notice to work on your projects anywhere in the UK and beyond. We will always be on hand to help you.

We offer Data Migration and Data Quality Consultants. All our consultants have full data migration life cycle skills including -

Data Standards

Data Quality Rules

Technology agnostic - Oracle/Informatica/TIBCO etc.

PL/SQL, C++, C++, VBA and Java

Master Data Management Specialists

Database Developers

XML, Schema Design and XSLT experts

We have no massive licence fees We have no extortionately expensive consultants!

We offer simple, concise help from people with many years experience in a variety of client industries.

Contact RHJ and let us help.

Private Client

Don't let taxes such as income tax, capital gains tax and inheritance tax erode your wealth significantly.

RHJ Accountants and associates will let you know just how important it is to maximize and protect your personal wealth. 

We strive to help minimize the impact of these taxes on your finances and enable you and your family to enjoy more of your wealth. Whether you have your own business, you're looking to exit your company, or you want to provide for your loved ones, we can help you achieve your goals. We assess our client's individual needs and tailor a personalized service. 

We will secure your wealth for generations with our private client services:

Capital gains tax advice

Exit planning and shareholder planning areas

Inheritance tax advice

Pension advisory

Personal tax self-assessment compliance

Trust compliance and advisory

Wealth management

Please call us today and arrange a meeting to discuss your private client needs. We are here to help and offer you the best possible future.

Data Exploitation

Data is everywhere. If your business uses a computer, a phone or a laptop, it means you are using  and even creating data.
Today we are are using more data in the world than ever before. It has become essential to the modern business and therefore it is paramount our businesses develop reliable and secure databases. 

At RHJ we have the best database developers. They can design and build you a database tailored to your needs, no matter or big you need your data storage to be. Our individualised solutions will allow you to access your secure data anytime, anywhere.
Call us to learn more about our database solutions that will suit you.

Let RHJ help you take advantage of BIG DATA...

Big Data is stored every time a person accesses your website. Let us help you to maximise this golden opportunity. Keep up with you competitors and get ahead of the game.

RHJ can analyse your BIG DATA and help you grow your business.