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Tamara - Example 1

At the beginning of her journey, Tamara spoke with several accountancy firms but they only provided financial advice instead of being able to help her setup as a freelancer. Once Tamara spoke with our team, she felt at ease with moving to Portugal and now has a bigger picture of the situation – which as a self-titled control freak, Tamara is thankful for.

To setup as a freelancer, Tamara was required to understand how to: apply for an NHR, complete quarterly VATs and yearly IRS – which can seem frightening when you don’t have much knowledge on the different topics. After speaking with our team Tamara, could comfortably visit the tax office to submit all this information; knowing RHJ Accountants had given her much more financial awareness. Tamara has spoken with other foreigners and and even locals, and found that they were all paying quite a lot of money and making her think “Are these people taking advantage of their situation?”

Tamara knows RHJ don’t do that and doesn’t feel like another number for a company – she feels a welcome part of something; everything has a personal touch.

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Paul - Example 1

When Paul started with RHJ Accountants & Associates his previous company had gone into liquidation, now four years later his company is making a turnover of over £4.5m – Paul has now been able to purchase his dream home for £1m.

Paul testifies that RHJ Accountants offer a first-class service, with first-class staff providing a speedy and competitively priced service. Having used many accountants over the previous years, Paul is glad to say that RHJ are a cut above the rest; being able to deal with any financial matters at anytime. Paul has been very pleased to let RHJ deal with his financial needs, giving him peace of mind that his financial matters are in safe hands!

Trading in Portugal

Tamara - Example 2

“I spoke with other companies and it was all very much about financial advice – they were not down to earth or easy to understand; I’m a novice at accounting, that’s why I wanted to consult someone else.

RHJ Group made everything so easy for me. They set me up as a Freelancer in Portugal, got my NHR, went to the tax office and completed the right forms – I don’t feel like another number at a company, I’m part of something. To be new in a country; there are so many other things you have to deal with and they helped to make everything easy due to their knowledge and personal service. I have so much more financial awareness now; for example filling in some documents or inputting the NIF number online, I know exactly what to do.

Now if I have questions, they are more specific because I have increased knowledge and awareness. The team have really given me an understanding into managing finances both personally and professionally.”

Assurance Services

Paul - Example 2

“RHJ Group offer a first-class service, with first-class staff providing a speedy & competitively priced service. Having used many accountants & business advisors over previous years, RHJ Group are a cut above the rest!! They are on hand to deal with any financial or business matters at any time – it has been a pleasure working with them for so long. I know my business & financial matters are in safe hands.”

Portuguese Bank Account

UK and International Consulting

Our international and domestic business consultants are dedicated to helping you improve your firm’s operations – and thus its bottom-line results.

UK and International Consulting

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