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The Portuguese government has announced new restrictions on short-term holiday rentals such as Airbnb in Portugal.

Rentals must now be registered with the local municipality and an AL license must be obtained in order to be legally compliant.

For those who rely on Airbnb for their income, it is essential to understand the new rules and regulations in order to protect their business. That’s why RHJ Accountants are here to provide clarity about the new ruling and ensure clients are updated on any changes as soon as possible, so that their activity is set up correctly in accordance with the restrictions.

The Portuguese government has made new restrictions

The Portuguese authorities are cracking down on the use of short-term rentals in residential areas. To comply with the new restrictions, owners of Airbnb rentals must register their property with the Alojamento Local. This will help protect the housing market and ensure that holiday rental owners cannot simply open up a new Airbnb in any random area of Portugal.

The restrictions also dictate how owners of holiday rentals should manage their guests during their stay. This is to ensure that they remain compliant with the rules and regulations set forth by the Portuguese government. Owners need to be aware of the restrictions and make sure they are meeting them to avoid any potential penalties or fines.

All holiday rental owners must have an Alojamento local license (also known as an AL license) whether they own a house, apartment, lodging establishment or room.


RHJ Accountants can help make sure you are meeting the restrictions

For those who are already set up as an Airbnb host, but would like to make sure their activity in Portugal is compliant with the Portuguese authorities’ new restrictions. Here at RHJ Accountants, we can provide a service to review your current activity. We can start these discussions during a consultation, and any queries you have about the new AL licence concept can be answered. Following the consultation, you will receive a proposal outlining all the services we can provide, including all fee options.

We understand that the new restrictions are designed to help protect the housing market in Portugal, and that it’s important to ensure you are meeting these requirements. Our team can help you do this by reviewing your existing activity and advising on the best way to comply with the new rules.


The new restrictions will help protect the housing market in Portugal

The Portuguese government is making new restrictions on short-term rentals to protect the housing market and ensure that the number of tourist apartments doesn’t increase dramatically. This comes after Prime Minister Antonio Costa said he was worried that Portugal would become a “Disneyland” if more and more people began to rent out their apartments as holiday homes.

Most restrictions for these licenses will be applied in larger cities, like Lisbon, where there is a higher concentration of tourist apartments. However, it’s likely, areas in the countryside won’t have such strict restrictions.


RHJ Accountants can help you set up properly to meet the restrictions

We offer two different options to make sure you are meeting the correct rules. Either we can solely set up the activity on your behalf; or we can help with any management companies that you work alongside.

We understand that setting up a new business activity can be overwhelming and time-consuming. If you already have an established Airbnb business in Portugal and would like to review your activity, we can assist with this too.

From helping you understand the new requirements for operating an Airbnb business to assisting with setting up the activity correctly. RHJ Accountants are here to ensure that all rules are being met.

Get in touch with us today to make sure your Airbnb in Portugal is set up correctly.

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