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Are you looking to submit your Portugal tax return but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry – we have you covered!

In this article, we’ll explain why certain information is requested when submitting a tax return in Portugal. And how you can make sure you don’t miss any essential elements.

Whether you’re submitting your first or tenth tax return, our tips will help you make sure you don’t miss a beat.

Why do we need your fiscal number?

This unique identifier is necessary to ensure that your personal tax return is accurately processed by the tax authority. Your fiscal number is also linked to various aspects of your financial life in Portugal, including bank accounts and investments. So we must have it to complete your tax return.

Without it, your tax return could be delayed or rejected by the tax authority, which could lead to penalties or fines. Plus providing your fiscal number is mandatory without it, we cannot submit your tax return!


How do we use your tax authority login information?

In short, we use your tax authority login information to access your online portal so we can submit your tax return. Rest assured, however, that we never submit any tax return information without your confirmation. You review all of the information submitted through your online portal. After verifying that everything is true and accurate, our team proceeds.

If you’re concerned about the security of your information, we completely understand. That’s why we always inform clients that your password can be changed once we have submitted your tax return. We want you to feel confident in our services throughout the entire process.

To conclude, we use your tax authority login information to streamline the process of submitting your tax return.


What type of statements do we need?

We require statements of all your Portuguese and foreign income. These statements can include bank statements, dividend receipts, or any other documentation that provides proof of your earnings. It’s important to include all sources of income, regardless of how small they may seem.

If you submit tax returns in other countries, we also need these statements to determine how much income you received elsewhere.

Our clients can submit the required information in whichever way works best for them. Some choose to email us their statements, while others prefer to share their Google Drive folder for us to access. Either way, we make it easy for you to provide the necessary information.

Submitting all the required information for your Portuguese tax return can be time-consuming. But it’s necessary to avoid penalties and ensure you only pay what you owe. So, make sure to include all of your income sources and any personal tax returns from other countries.


When is the final deadline to submit your tax return?

The final deadline to submit your Portuguese tax return is the 30th of June, but it’s always a good idea to submit it earlier if possible.

At our firm, we recommend that clients submit all required information within the first week of June. This gives our tax team plenty of time to ensure that everything is filed correctly and on time.

It’s important to note that some clients may have to submit tax returns in other countries before submitting their Portuguese tax return. If this applies to you, it’s not a problem, but our team will need to be notified as soon as possible to help manage the process and avoid any delays.


Why do we need your bank details?

The Portuguese tax authority requests that every tax resident informs the identification of all bank accounts held outside of Portugal. This requirement is based on article 63-A number 8 of the general tax law. Which states that taxpayers are obliged to mention in the corresponding income statement the existence and identification of accounts opened in a financial institution outside of Portuguese territory.

By providing us with your bank details, we can ensure that we comply with this legal obligation, which is essential for the process of your tax return. The information you provide us with helps to verify your compliance with the tax laws, and ensures that your tax returns are accurate and complete.

We are committed to protecting your personal information and use it only to submit your tax returns to the Portuguese tax authorities.


How RHJ Accountants can help

Our team of experienced accountants can take the stress out of tax returns and make the process as smooth as possible for you. We handle everything from gathering the necessary documents to submitting the return on your behalf.

If you haven’t spoken to us before, we offer a free consultation to help you get started. During this session, we can discuss your individual tax situation. Following the consultation, we will inform you about the charge to submit your tax return.

For those who have used our services before and would like to request our help again, simply send us a quick request, and we will take care of everything else.

Let RHJ Accountants help you stay on top of your tax responsibilities. Contact us today and let us take care of the rest!

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