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We recently hosted a webinar that showed you what it takes to become a freelancer in Portugal, and we wanted to create something new for those people who missed our webinar. That’s why we are delighted to tell you that our brand new freelance brochure is now available! Read on to find out how to get your copy of this valuable guide to taking the first steps toward your dream career as a freelancer in Portugal.


Why Become a Freelancer?

Becoming a freelancer in Portugal is a great way to get experience and learn new skills. Freelancers are in high demand in Portugal, and the country offers many benefits for those who want to try this lifestyle. You can enjoy being your own boss, do what you love and be location independent.

Moreover, you will have more time to spend with friends or family if they live far away from you; instead of only seeing them on weekends. Last but not least, becoming a freelancer has huge financial advantages because you set your own hours and work as much as you want to earn more money.


How to Become a Freelancer

Getting started as a freelancer in Portugal requires registering with the Tax Authority, but before you begin, you must determine if your job choice will give you the opportunity to become a freelancer. It’s pointless to start on a path without following it to the end, but don’t worry because we have made this brand new brochure to help you.

In many cases, it is best to have an accountant register you as a freelancer, as they will be able to tick off all the right boxes. Please contact us and book a free 20-minute consultation with one of our experts after reading our brochure.


Who Should Become a Freelancer

Many people in Portugal dream of becoming freelancers, but the reality is that it takes a lot of work and effort to succeed. There are many factors to consider before you decide to become a freelancer, including whether your career is the right fit for freelancing, what type of clients you want to work with (local or international), and how much time you can commit each week.


Free Brochure Available

Check out our free brochure for more information on the following topics, explore more ideas about becoming a freelancer in Portugal and read about:

  • The Freelancer Role
  • The Registration Process
  • Benefits to the Role
  • Tax Obligations

Feel free to contact us at any time and we can arrange a 20-minute phone consultation with one of our experts, who can help you reach your freelancer dream.


How RHJ Accountants Can Help

We recognise more than ever that individuals and businesses from the UK and other countries may be globally mobile. We aim to make you aware of the tax-efficient opportunities, available tax relief and structure finances for life at home and abroad.

Our international team of specialists operate from offices in the UK and Portugal. We work together synergistically to provide tax efficient solutions to our clients to help them grow their business whilst keeping tax liabilities to a minimum.

Get in touch with us today to find out more, or to make use of our services.

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