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International Tax, Business and Immigration can seem like an enormous undertaking. That’s where we come in.

With offices around the world, speaking to one of our specialists or using online services will make it easy for you to reach your goals quickly. Regardless if you want planning strategies for Dubai; a tax guide in Malta; or to just save money on taxes – give us a call today!

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Sole trader client feedback
Sole trader

How a builder saved over £25,000 in VAT

A sole trader and expert window fitter in the Greater Manchester area, Adam is an expert in the glazing arts.

Earning a tidy £50,000 each year installing windows within homes and businesses throughout the county, life was good for Adam. Then he received a shocking letter from HMRC – he owed over £30,000 in VAT and tax penalties; the equivalent of over six months earnings.

DIY bookkeeping can be dangerous for sole traders

Adam had completed his own bookkeeping for as long as he had been running his sole trader business. Naturally, Adam had heard of VAT but didn’t realise he was liable for VAT registration based on his annual turnover for the previous financial year.

Like so many other non-accountants, Adam believed a year was the same as a financial year. HMRC begged to differ. Adam had gone over the VAT threshold for five consecutive years. To make matters worse, he had also failed to register for VAT; incurring the wrath of Her Majesty’s tax collectors.

Hiring individual accountant services & VAT experts, RHJ Accountants

Panicked, Adam reached out to RHJ Accountants. The firm examined Adam’s DIY bookkeeping, took care of his VAT filings, and negotiated an 83% reduction in his tax and penalties.

The shocking £30,000 burden was reduced to a manageable £5,000. The whole process took RHJ fewer than 60-days.

Founder and director of RHJ Accountants, Jeremiah Jordan, said: “We’ve seen this before; so many times. A successful sole trader is caught in the VAT trap because they hadn’t kept up with the annual changes in VAT and reporting requirements. It’s quite easy for small and seasonal businesses to get caught unawares.

“By getting to know you and your business, RHJ Accountants can pro-actively provide individual accountant services and put you on a tax scheme that makes the most sense for you; based on your short-and long-term goals. As we process your bookkeeping, we pro-actively monitor your situation and make adjustments.”

Adam said: “If only I had used RHJ from when I’d started my business; it would have saved me a fair amount of money. I met them for a quick chat in his Sheffield office. A very down to earth bunch, they told me exactly where I stood and what I had to do to rectify the problem. The team then took care of the rest.

“I would definitely recommend RHJ Accountants to anyone. You couldn’t hope for a better service.”

Limited company client feedback
Limited company

A family business overcame the co-founder’s 8-month coma with the help of RHJ

When co-founder of an IT Consultancy firm was severely injured, he was left in a coma for 8-months. Business partner and wife Rachel was left to support their business whilst also providing emotional support to herself and the couples teenage son.

Engaging RHJ Accountants

The IT firm earned over £300,000 per annum, when the couple were both working at full capacity.

As the months dragged on, the business fell further and further behind as Rachel tried to keep the business afloat. Understanding she needed business accountant support, Rachel reached out to RHJ Accountants. Engaging the firm, RHJ took over the bookkeeping responsibilities, so she could focus more time on income-producing activities.

RHJ Accountants founder and director, Jeremiah Jordan, had known the family for years. Following an assessment of the company books, and their challenging financial situation, he took it upon himself to aid Rachel through the crisis.

RHJ’s business accountant services kept cash flowing

The nature of the business could have exposed the firm to VAT implications. RHJ Accountants forecast what the company would have to retain in earnings, for Rachel and her son to maintain their lifestyle; without the support of her husbands income.

RHJ’s business accountant services ensured all taxes and VAT were paid in time, in full, and left enough money in the business at all times to continue to pay Rachel – if the worst was to happen.

Rachel said: “The team at RHJ Accountants helped me above and beyond our formal agreement. This is the service I’m always looking for and feel lucky when I find it.

“As a group, RHJ are supremely courteous and informed. Questions are answered promptly and fully; services are carried our efficiently and I’m kept updated every step of the way.

“RHJ Accountants offers a truly first-class service.”

Business consultancy client feedback
Business consultancy

How a multi-national enterprise saved over £3-million in tax

Founded in the UK, ‘Company X’ grew to be one of the world’s leading specialty manufacturers in the plastics industry. With ubiquitous products, used by hundreds of millions of people every day, they are seen in grocery stores worldwide; including retail giant Walmart.

With offices and production facilities in several countries, the companies accounting and tax situation is complex to say the least.

Consultancy accountant advice from RHJ Accountants

‘Company X’ realised just how complex their accounts and tax situation was becoming; leading them to reach out to RHJ Accountants. Taking on the companies UK business, an assessment from RHJ soon revealed they were paying millions more in UK tax than necessary.

Working with the directors on the bookkeeping, accounts and tax numbers – it became clear something needed to change quickly.

Involving international tax advisors

The official headquarters of ‘Company X’ is Portugal. With their Portuguese accountants expertise ending at the waters edge, their international position wasn’t considered holistically.

This led to ‘Company X’ paying the price – in tax. The team of international tax advisors from RHJ Accountants were able to save ‘Company X’ over £3-million in tax.

RHJ’s Consultancy Accountant Service assisted ‘Company X’ with a comprehensively global, strategic tax plan. The new business structure allowed the directors to shift much of their tax burden to Portugal, where they benefitted from a lower tax rate; and enjoy more of their firm’s earnings, year after year.

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