How a family business overcame

the co-founder’s 8-month coma with help from RHJ Accountants

With her husband severely injured in a motorbike accident, and left in a coma, Rachel L. and her teenaged son were devastated. Unfortunately, as her husband suffered in a coma, so did the IT consulting firm Rachel and her husband owned and managed together.

Engaging RHJ Accountants in Sheffield
The family’s IT firm brought in over £300,000 per year when the couple were both working. As the months dragged on, Rachel got further and further behind as she attempted to keep the business afloat by herself. She reached out to RJH Accountants and engaged the firm to take over her bookkeeping responsibilities so she could focus her limited time on income-producing activities.

RHJ founder Jeremiah Jordan had known Rachel and her husband for years. After reviewing the books, and the family’s challenging financial situation, Jeremiah took it upon himself to help Rachel through the crisis.

RHJ’s UK business advisory services help keep cash flowing
The nature of the business could have exposed them to VAT, so RHJ’s team forecast what the company would have to retain in earnings in order for Rachel and her son to maintain their lifestyle without her husband’s income. Then RHJ made sure that all the taxes and the VAT got paid, and made sure there would be enough money in the business at all times to continue to pay Rachel should the worst happen.

Why Rachel L. recommends RHJ Accountants

“Jeremiah helped me above and beyond our formal agreement. This is the service I'm always looking for and feel lucky when I find it,” Rachel reports. She still engages RHJ to this day. “As an individual, Jeremiah is supremely courteous and informed," says Rachel. "Questions are answered promptly and fully; services are carried our efficiently and I'm kept updated every step... RHJ Accountants offers a truly first-class service.”

Rachel L.

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Some details of this story have been altered to protect our client’s confidential information and privacy.

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