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You may be wondering how to move abroad successfully or how to make moving abroad work for you. Moving from one country to another can be a daunting experience, so it’s important to do it properly the first time. The tips in this article will help you pack and ship your belongings, find an affordable place to live, and take advantage of the amenities available in your new location. No matter where in the world you choose to move, there are certain steps you should always take before starting your new life abroad.


Start early

When should I start preparing for moving abroad? As soon as you know that you’re moving. That may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to start planning and packing as early as possible. There are many reasons to do so, including –

  1. Visa applications – you need to check if the country you’re relocating to will require you to get a visa in order to begin living there.
  2. Real estate – you must know where you will live in your new country of residence, so start by finding the ideal property.
  3. Pets – if you have any pets, they will need a passport just like we do to move abroad, so make sure you know how long this will take.
  4. Insurance – whether it’s for your home, your health or your pet. You should first think about what insurance types you require and then research which provider is best for you!


Learn all you can

Before you go, learn everything you can about the country you’re relocating to. Get information on the language, culture and customs. Not only will this help you adjust better, but it will also give you a sense of pride in your new home country.


Pack carefully

In most cases, you can buy the items you need in your new country of residence, so you won’t have to pack your entire wardrobe – unless it is sentimental to you. Our advice would be to pack your favourite snack, pjs or sunglasses that you might not be able to find abroad.


Keep a positive attitude!

It’s important to keep a positive attitude when moving abroad. It can be a daunting task, but it can also open up many opportunities for you in the future. It may take some time to get used to your new country, but you will eventually find your way and make friends with people from all around the world. You might even learn a new language!


Checklist everything

It can be difficult to remember all the items you need when relocating to a new country due to the lengthy process. Creating a checklist will allow you to quickly note down ideas you think of for what to take so you don’t forget. Just add to the list as you go. You can either make it in a safe place (and remember where you put it) or you can keep it in your phone notes so it will be easy to access. Whatever you decide, it will be your best friend during this process.


Have fun!

It’s a big step to move abroad, but it’s exciting too! Remember to make sure you have fun, because you’re moving to an amazing place. Sometimes you may find it overwhelming, but stay focused on the great new hobbies, friends and opportunities you’ll be able to create.


Be flexible

Moving abroad is a big decision, and not everyone can do it. But for those who can, the benefits are well worth it. Being flexible when moving abroad is key, as things don’t always go to plan. You’ll need to have your mindset right and be ready to adapt to your new surroundings – change is inevitable when you move to another country, so embrace it.


Make friends with locals

Making friends with locals is an important step in your new country of residence. Chat to locals in your area about what it’s like to live there and you’ll be able to find out about the best places to eat, drink, relax and have fun. You’ll also learn a lot about the local culture and find out which parts of town are safe to visit or avoid.


Respect cultural norms

Learn about the different cultures in your new country of residence to understand the people. This might involve understanding the food, religion, language and customs. It’s important to know what is appropriate and not appropriate so that you can avoid offending others by accident.


Don’t be afraid to venture out

Moving abroad is a big change, and it can be scary to venture out and explore the new country of residence. However, if you don’t do so, how will you know where to find the best food? The cheapest grocery stores? The coolest bars? Remember to speak with the locals or visit a local tourist centre to determine the best places to visit!


How RHJ Accountants Can Help

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