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Budget announcement 2021 (UK)

The budget announcement today will impact large businesses with an increase in corporation tax from 19% - 25% in 2023 while the personal allowance and higher rate thresholds will be frozen for four years. The Help to Grow scheme offers…
March 4, 2021


Painless bookkeeping, personal tax advice and wealth management services for UK taxpayers

Learn how RHJ Accountants in Sheffield saved a local builder over £25,000 – half his annual earnings – in VAT and penalties in less than 60 days.



Worry-free growth strategies and asset protection for UK limited companies

Learn how RHJ Accountants kept a family and its business operating when the co-founder slipped into an 8-month coma.



Stress-free international tax advice and business planning services for UK multinationals

Learn how RHJ Accountants helped a global enterprise save over £3 million in tax in less than a year.

Tax And Accounting Services For Expats In Portugal

RHJ’s one-stop expat Portugal accounting shop can help you:

  • Navigate Portugal’s Golden Visa and NHR tax programs
  • Set up tax efficient international business structures
  • Prepare your income tax in Portugal and your home-country
  • File corporate taxes for businesses located in Portugal, US or the UK

Relocating to Portugal from the US?

How we help American expats

in Portugal

Relocating to Portugal from the UK?

How we help British expats

in Portugal

What they're saying about RHJ Accountants

Martin R.'s previous accountant failed to file his tax returns, leaving Matthew with late filing penalties. It also left him confused about what he could claim, and unable to file for COVID-19 government aid grants. In just one conversation, RHJ answered Martin's questions, clarified his options and came up with a plan.
After RHJ filed his late tax returns in time for him to apply for emergency funding, Martin responded, "You and Jeremiah have been so helpful, I just wish we had come across you earlier. I think our business would have been in a much better place with your guidance."

Martin R.

Jeremiah has been great to work with during the setting up of What Marketing Company, always on hand to offer assistance and expertise. We've been really impressed at his commitment in offering options for our growth etc before we've even had to ask. Jeremiah has gone above and beyond the call of duty and we'd highly recommend him.

Chris TownsendDirector at What Marketing Company

When choosing an accountant the most important thing for me was to find someone I could completely trust. Jeremiah is a warm, trustworthy and genuine individual. His demeanour, knowledge and passion for his profession puts you instantly at ease. He refreshingly bucks the tradition when it comes to accountants. I would recommend Jeremiah over all other accountants.

Johnny PawlikKeynote speaker - social media management

Jeremiah is a very personable individual who knows his work inside-out. He is very efficient advising financing activities like TAX filing and year-end financial accounting.
He has been very helpful and efficient in dealing with all the accounting activities. I would highly recommend his services.

Hemant SapkalFMW Integration Consultation - M Brown Group

As a busy interior designer, I needed a responsive Accountant who could understand and respond to the needs of my companies requirements.
I have been impressed by Jeremiah & his teams availability, their quick response time on any of my queries. I would highly recommend him & his team for Businesses that are short of time and need responsive accountants. They are an accounting company who care about you and your business.

Mary WrightDirector - Chameleon Decor Ltd

Navigating setting up a business can feel like a minefield, and, let's be honest, you'd rather be getting on with the work you're passionate about - which is precisely what Jeremiah is doing, and why you should give this man a call if you're setting up (this is my experience of course!)
I come away from speaking with Jeremiah feeling confident, clearer minded, and at ease - and most importantly of all, being listened to (don't underestimate this in your own business!) with a clear direction, and knowing that my company can grow in safe hands.
Easy to speak to, nothing feels too much trouble - my experience so far with Jeremiah has been nothing but 100% positive.

Richard PryorEmployment Specialist

Thank you for helping over the last few years and most recently the last couple of months arranging the new companies and answering all our many questions!

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